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Who are we? The team of Time for Slovakia spent many years travelling around the world and realised that the country they come from has still not been discovered by the travellers around the globe. We started Time for Slovakia with one dream – to present you the highlights of these best-kept secrets in the heart of Europe. We believe the travelling is one of the basic needs of humans to express their personalities. Whether walking around the park at lunchtime or driving the car to the local theatre it all comes from an instinctive desire to search for new experiences.

At the end of the day, everything we do is about inspiring people to explore our lovely Slovakia and encourage them to savour the beauty around us. What drives us is our attention to details and our strong belief to cooperate only with local people and communities whose jobs are their passions. We constantly seek out new opportunities and authentic experiences so that not a single day becomes ordinary.

It’s the customer experience that guides us when we discuss and prepare the itinerary of the tours in Slovakia. Our guides, hoteliers, drivers, photographers and local people all contribute their expertise to make sure our tours perform optimally and satisfy corresponding travellers’ needs. What accommodation should we arrange to enhance your comfort? How can we keep the tours affordable for you? Which attraction should be included? We always aim to answer real life needs and create an unforgettable stay in Slovakia. We regularly test and review the attractions and services and try to arrange tours full of local insider secrets with charming hospitality.

At TIME FOR SLOVAKIA we design tours that are:

  • Authentic – We visit places where the traditions are still alive. You’ll always be in the heart of the real Slovakia with access to the best local attractions, restaurants, shops and services.
  • Entertaining – We are proud of Slovak history and present it in an amusing way – would you like to travel in time? We know all the best places in Slovakia and present them in an entertaining way with a lot of funny stories.
  • Prepared in detail – You can enjoy your time and our guides will take care of all organizational responsibilities such as itinerary, accommodation, sightseeing, entry fees or even help you as your personal translators.