Experience real and authentic Slovak traditions in just 6 days.


6 days / 5 nights

April - October

Group: 2-8 persons

1130 km

Pick-up: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest

Drop-off: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest

Are you looking for the best way to experience the real and authentic Slovakia? Then join this Folk Traditions tour we have prepared for you. There’s little to match the Slovak folk traditions – and we’ll ensure that you experience the very best of those still prevailing in Slovakia’s beautiful countryside. Whether it’s our distinctive folk music and dance, handicrafts, gastronomy or traditional wooden architecture, all this and even more is yours on this unforgettable journey with TIME FOR SLOVAKIA.

Enjoy the sincere Slovak hospitality, taste our cuisine based on sheep-breeding traditions, excellent local wines, homemade beverages and amazing beer, which wins international quality awards every year. Have you ever visited a sheep farm, talked to shepherds and tried to play on high shepherd pipe called “Fujara”? Now you have a chance to do it with us.

We also visit several UNESCO sites directly connected to our distinct folk traditions – a typical village of Slovak farmers, a town of hard-working miners and a wooden church in Kežmarok. Enter the underground gold and silver mines dressed like a real miner and live like a local. Try one of the best folk attractions of Slovakia – rafting on traditional wooden rafts in the National Park of Pieniny. Your eyes will feast on a spectacular architecture of wooden churches in Lukov, Krive and Hervartov and the Gothic at its best in Bardejov(UNESCO). We also visit the city which became famous as a center of the fights between Nazis and Slovak partisans. This fabulous tour is the perfect way to experience the real living traditions in Slovakia – something you’ll never forget.



What's included:

  • 5 nights accommodation in stylish hotels/pensions with breakfast
  • Transport by A/C private minivan
  • Professional English speaking guide
  • Information materials and brochures
  • All entrance fees, performances and excursions
  • Airport transfers

What's not included:

  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks and meals during the lunch and dinner
  • International flights (your arrival & departure)
  • Personal expenses



We will wait for you at your desired meeting location (airport, train station, bus station, hotel) in Vienna, Bratislava or Budapest with a welcome drink and will bring you safely to the historical centre of the capital city of Slovakia – Bratislava, where your hotel is located. Leave your baggage in the hotel room and walk with us in the streets of this beautiful city at your own pace – there’s plenty to explore!

The most iconic of all Bratislava’s highlights is undoubtedly the Bratislava Castle. Perched on a hill right above the Danube river, the castle dating from 9th century offers splendid views over the historical centre. We continue our stroll in the former Jewish quarter, talk about the communist regime when admiring the UFO bridge and visit the St. Martin’s Cathedral, Bratislava’s largest church, which dominates the skyline of the old town. Wandering the cobbled streets you will not miss the Slovak National Theatre, St. Michael’s Gate, Old Town Hall, Presidential Palace and a number of unusual and bizarre statues that make you smile.

Enjoy your evening as you wish. Go for a drink in one of Bratislava’s famous pubs and fall in love with our tasty Slovak beer. You will not believe your eyes how cheap it is! We have prepared a special brochure for you listing recommended pubs, cafés, restaurants and tips how to spend your time and enjoy the atmosphere of the city.


Village of Čičmany & Sheep farm

After breakfast, we drive to the picturesque village Čičmany, where we spend a day full of entertaining activities. The village has a status of the first reservation of folk architecture in the world. Surrounded by mountains and pastures, it is famous for its wooden houses with typical white geometrical decoration manually painted on the walls. The locals who welcome you in their village are lovely people who still wear the traditional folk costumes showing their regional pride. We take a short walk around the painted wooden homesteads and these local dwellers will show us the traditional life of the peasants on the meadows near the village. We even try to sing some regional folk songs and play the unique music instrument inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage – “fujara”. Fujara has become the national symbol of Slovak folk music. You will fall in love with the wonderful sound of this high shepherd pipe.

Our fascinating drive continues to the village Terchová. Terchová is a birthplace of Slovak Robin Hood Juraj Jánošík, who robbed nobles and gave the loot to the poor, as the legends say. You can hardly overlook the giant statue of this controversial hero looming on the hill right above the village.

Afterwards, we visit a shepherd on the sheep farm. You have a chance to see the traditional production of wool, milk, whey, and cheese, especially the Slovak sheep cheese “bryndza”. Later on, we taste the Slovak national meal made out of bryndza – “bryndzové halušky”.

You spend this night at a real sheep farm surrounded by lush meadows and hills. The farm produces a lot of home-grown products. Taste some of their best sheep cheeses or order the traditional Slovak meals in their restaurant. Wake up to the sound of dogs barking above the bleating of the sheep and bells ringing as they move to the pastures.


Rafting on traditional wooden rafts in Pieniny, Wooden church in Kežmarok (UNESCO), mountain village of Ždiar

After a drive to the village of Červený Kláštor, we hop on wooden rafts and drift down the river surrounded by the peaks of Pieniny mountains. The tour on the raft is 14 km long and takes around 2 hours. Once you get into the raft you get welcomed by the tour guide who will direct the raft and also explain and describe what you see. These guys are locals who have rafting in their genes. They all wear old local clothes and black hats decorated with little white shells. The shells have special meaning, every shell stands for one voyage to the north and to the see. Raftsmen dressed in traditional goral costumes talk during a raft ride about local history, rare fauna and flora, as well as legends and tales connected with surrounding rocks.

Our tour continues to the town of Kežmarok, where a beautiful wooden church inscribed to UNESCO World Heritage List is located. This unique church was built only of wood, without using a single iron nail. Listen to the stories of the fights between the Catholics and Protestants and admire the fabulous interior. It can accommodate more than a thousand worshippers!

We spend this night in Ždiar, a tiny and picturesque village, which is perfectly located in The National Park of High Tatras. You will be surrounded by the lofty peaks and marvelous wooden architecture typical of this beautiful mountain village. Locals living in the village are known as Gorals and wear their traditional folk costumes.


Medieval town of Bardejov (UNESCO), Wooden churches in Hervartov (UNESCO), Krive & Lukov

Today we explore the area around the town of Bardejov. Slovakia is a country of very strong Christian traditions. Each part of Slovakia has hidden jewels, which are characteristic for that area and are incomparable with others. Wooden churches and belfries are such jewels of Eastern Slovakia, as they are unique and typical especially for this territory. During our trip today we visit wooden churches in Hervartov (UNESCO), Lukov and Krive.

The churches were built between the 16th and 18th centuries. The most of them are located in small isolated villages. Wood is the main construction material. The wooden churches represent traditional construction techniques. Interiors of the churches are decorated with wall and ceiling paintings and works of art that enrich the cultural significance of the properties.

Then we make a stop in the town of Bardejov. Bardejov is an exceptionally complete and well-preserved fortified medieval center included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. We visit the majestic gothic basilica of St. Egidius (UNESCO), the Renaissance City Hall with late-gothic artistic and architectural details included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and a Jewish quarter around a fine 18th-century synagogue.


Village of Vlkolinec (UNESCO), Banská Bystrica & mining town of Banská Štiavnica (UNESCO)

After breakfast, we visit a typical Slovak village called Vlkolínec. It is a remarkably intact settlement of 45 buildings with the traditional features of a Slovak village located in the mountains. Vlkolinec was included in UNESCO World Heritage list in 1993 as being the best preserved and most comprehensive unit of its kind in the whole region. You will have a chance to hear stories about our crazy Slovak traditions and see the life of ordinary people from the countryside.

We make a short break in the city of Banska Bystrica, which became the center of Slovak National Uprising – one of the key events in the history of Slovaks. The resistance of people against Nazis is well documented in the Museum of Slovak National Uprising, which we will visit after lunch. The exposition charts the darkest moments of WWII in Slovakia with an amazing collection of tanks, guns and uniforms. You can even enter an old Russian plane from the war and explore it from inside! Listen to the stories on how Slovaks lived during the WWII and how the war influenced several generations.

We finish the day in the town of Banská Štiavnica – a completely preserved medieval town. Thanks to the characteristic architecture and a rich mining history typical for this region, the town of Banská Štiavnica has been included in UNESCO World Heritage list. We agree – it’s one of the most charming places you have ever seen. Today you have the option of exploring the town’s stunning range of attractions at your own pace. We take a walk around the Trinity square, visit the Gothic church of St. Catherine from the late 15th century or the Town Hall before we taste the real jewel of Slovak beers in a local brewery. Here you will be served many different varieties of beer with long tradition – Lager, Weizen, Special Dark or Beer distillate – all made with special care.


Open-air mining museum in Banská Štiavnica (UNESCO)

After breakfast, we will visit the open-air mining museum, where we pick up helmets, cloaks and lamps and enter the underground excursion in mines. Dressed up as real miners we will descend to one of its pits dated from the 17th century.

Our Folk Traditions tour ends at your desired drop-off point (airport, station, hotel) in Bratislava, Vienna or Budapest. Enjoy your return home with great memories from your journey in Slovakia!


Group of 2 persons

1,019per person
1,019per person
  • - 5 nights accommodation in stylish hotels/pensions with breakfast
  • - Transport by A/C private minivan
  • - Professional English speaking guide
  • - Information materials and brochures
  • - All entrance fees, performances and excursions
  • - Airport transfers

Group of 3-4 persons

869per person
869per person
  • - 5 nights accommodation in stylish hotels/pensions with breakfast
  • - Transport by A/C private minivan
  • - Professional English speaking guide
  • - Information materials and brochures
  • - All entrance fees, performances and excursions
  • - Airport transfers

Group of 5-7 persons

719per person
719per person
  • - 5 nights accommodation in stylish hotels/pensions with breakfast
  • - Transport by A/C private minivan
  • - Professional English speaking guide
  • - Information materials and brochures
  • - All entrance fees, performances and excursions
  • - Airport transfers


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